Board and ANBI


In the summer of 2018, Museum Joure merged with Visitor Centre Mar en Klif to form the Foundation for Heritage, Nature and Landscape.

The board currently consists of:
P. de Jonge, chairman
Mrs. E. Blaauw, secretary
A.C. Verhage, treasurer
R. v/d Vlugt
Mrs. L. Limonard
For information about the composition of the board in the previous period we refer to the annual report. The board members are volunteers. They do not receive any remuneration, only the expenses incurred are reimbursed.



Iris Nutma, Director


RSIN - number



Financial accounting

Financial statements can be found in the annual reports.  


Mission and vision

Who are we and what do we stand for?

The Heritage, Nature and Landscape Foundation consists of various locations and departments, each with its own identity, (sub)objective and strengths. What connects the locations and departments is the love and respect for heritage, the awareness that this landscape and heritage was (and still is) made by people. The wish is to preserve this and pass it on to future generations.

What do we want to do and what are we going for?

  • We want to show young and older inhabitants of the region and tourists how our landscape and the built environment - and within it regional crafts and manufacturing - have developed and still develop over the centuries.
  • We want to preserve material and immaterial traces from the past and investigate, present and document them and make them known.

We want to encourage people to learn from history, from nature and from craftsmanship. And to use that knowledge to deal with their own living environment in a sustainable way.