Governance & Policy

Heritage, Nature and Landscape Foundation

Museum Joure is part of the Heritage, Nature and Landscape Foundation. Also the network Groen Doen (for nature and sustainability education) and Mar en Klif, the visitor center of the National Landscape Southwest Fryslân are parts of this foundation.

The board currently consists of:

  • Mr. P. de Jonge, chairman
  • Ms. W. ten Noever Bakker, secretary
  • Ms. A.C. Verhage, treasurer
  • dhr. R. Tax
  • Ms. L. Limonard
  • Mr. G. Bosklopper

For information about the board composition in the previous period, please refer to the annual report. The board members are volunteers. They receive no remuneration, only expenses incurred are reimbursed.

Are you looking for contact with (one of) our board members? Please send an e-mail to
Mrs. R. van der Vlugt is the board's confidential advisor for employees and volunteers and can be reached for these matters by calling 06-43181333.

Contact details Heritage, Nature and Landscape Foundation

Headquarters: Museum Joure
Visiting address: Geelgietersstraat 1, 8501CA Joure
Postal address: PO Box 75, 8500AB Joure
Telephone: 0513412283
Fax: 0513419653

Branch: Visitor Center Mar and Klif / Visitor Center Southwest Friesland
Visiting address: De Brink 4, 8567JD Oudemirdum


Iris Nutma, Director

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RSIN number


Financial accounting

Financial statements can be found in the annual reports.

Mission and vision

Who are we and what do we stand for?
The Heritage, Nature and Landscape Foundation consists of several locations and departments, each with its own identity, (partial) objectives and strengths. What unites the locations and departments is the love and respect for heritage, the awareness that this landscape and heritage has been made (and is still being made) by people. The desire is to preserve this and pass it on to future generations.

What do we want to mean and what are we going for?

  • We want to show young and older residents of the region and tourists how our landscape and built environment - and within it regional crafts and manufacturing - have developed over the centuries and are still developing.
  • We want to preserve and research tangible and intangible traces of the past, present and document them, and publicize them.
  • We want to encourage people to learn from history, from nature and from craftsmanship. And to use that knowledge to deal with their own environment in a sustainable way.

General conditions

General (visiting) conditions

Privacy statement

Privacy statement


Lees hier over de toegankelijkheid van het museum.

Policy Plan

Beleidsplan 2020-2024, inclusief collectie-, presentatie- en educatiebeleid (laatste update: aug 2023)

Annual Report

Lees hier het jaarverslag van 2022 


Read the Procedure for Confidential Advisors here

Volunteer Policy

Read about the volunteer policy here


Do you have a complaint about our employees, buildings or other aspects of our organization? We kindly ask you not to make your complaint (only) verbally to an employee, but (also) to submit it to us by mail or in writing. We can then try to improve our services based on your complaint. In our terms of visit you can read what you can expect from our organization regarding the handling of your complaint.

By mail you can send the complaint to stating KLACHT in the subject line. Written complaints about all parts of the foundation should be sent to Stichting Erfgoed, Natuur en Landschap, Museumstraat 2, 8501 CD Joure stating KLACHT in the subject line.