Museum Joure, that's where you make it

About the museum

A surprising museum of manufacturing

Have you had a good look at a pack of Douwe Egberts coffee? You read ahead: Joure 1753. Referring to the - now - monumental industrial site, in the middle of the centre, where the world-famous coffee brand has its origins. But Joure and its museum are more than Douwe Egberts. Museum Joure is a surprising and versatile production museum.

Taste the origins of Douwe Egberts and Pickwick

At the cradle of Douwe Egberts you will of course find everything you need to know about the world-famous Jouster coffee and tea maker. From the popular D.E. gifts and nostalgic advertising paintings, to beautiful crockery, deliciously fragrant coffee roasters and an ingenious teapack machine. Various buildings also remind us of Douwe Egberts. Such as the striking shop De Witte Os (in 2018 the KLM house), the adjacent mansion, the Warehouse from 1898 and the eighteenth-century birthplace of founder Egbert Douwes. But as said: the museum offers more, because Joure is more.

Joure has always been a real craft village

Marvel at the fine technique of Frisian clocks

Joure has always been a real craft village. Fueled by the flourishing trade in coffee and tea but also by the production of the famous Frisian clocks. Joure was the centre of the clock industry in the early nineteenth century. And still today the village has typical Frisian clock makers. Museum Joure also has an authentic clock factory, as well as a clock shop and the world's largest collection of the famous clockwork.

Experience the craftsmanship of watering cans and blacksmiths

In addition to the warehouses, workshops and rooms that make the history of Douwe Egberts and the Frisian clock tangible, the attractive museum grounds are home to a beautiful, former metalware factory. In the photogenic building you will become acquainted with the traditional process of yellow casting, another typical Jouster craft. Together with the coppersmith's and silversmith's workshops, the yellow foundry forms the cluster. Metal from the museum.

A photogenic little industrial site in the middle of Joure

Get busy with authentic printing presses

The authentic Printing house completes our multi-faceted museum of manufacturing. It shows the book printing techniques of the early twentieth century. Every week there are printers and setters busy with the impressive platen press, adjusting machine and other fascinating machines. Graphic artists and designers love it, but it's also a feast for 'the ordinary visitor' - young and old.


With a self-printed bookmark and an experience richer you walk to Museumcafé De Túnkeamer. In this living room of former Douwe Egberts owner De Jong, you drink a nice cup of coffee - Douwe Egberts of course - and talk about what you've seen in the past hour and a half...

Fresh, museum roasted coffee

Want to reminisce at home? Then take a packet - roasted in the museum - of coffee from the famous Douwe Egberts shop De Witte Os. There are also loose teas and various delicacies available.