Activity with the elderly?

Museum Joure!

Activity with the elderly? Come to Museum Joure

Looking for activities for seniors? Come to Museum Joure, a feast of recognition for all seniors. Moreover, the museum is wheelchair friendly, so even less mobile visitors can enjoy themselves to their heart's content.

Fun activity with the elderly because:

  • Feast of recognition
  • Free cup of coffee or tea
  • Atmospheric museum cafe and terrace
  • Wheelchair Friendly & Free Wheelchair Borrowing
  • Free parking

About the museum

Museum Joure is a surprising manufacturing museum in the center of Joure. Famous on the monumental industrial site are Douwe Egberts ' first factory and D.E store De Witte Os. But also the photogenic Metaalfabriek, Klaas Gubbels' imposing coffee artwork, the authentic Printing Office and Frisian Clockmaker's shop are special. Visitors there experience the passion for making - and can experience it for themselves if they like.

Beautiful old industrial park with several businesses in original old state

"What a great museum, this Museum Joure! The museum is divided into different parts, each part being particularly fascinating. First, the history of Douwe Egberts in the field of coffee, tea and tobacco. The old house has also been moved to this area and is wonderfully atmospheric to see. For people who are already a bit older, this section gives a lot of nostalgic memories when seeing the old familiar cans, the packs of coffee and tea, the old coffee grinder, etc. Lots of recognizable things from the old days at home."

Steyn R from Zwaag, via Tripadvisor

A feast of recognition

In Museum Joure, people reminisce and tell anecdotes to their hearts' content. Often sparked by the many recognizable objects in the exhibition. From the gifts from Douwe Egberts to the old tea packaging, advertising posters, birth spoons, printing clichés and Frisian clocks; it is a great feast of recognition.

back in time activity elderly

Back in time in the oldest Douwe Egberts store

With museum store De Witte Os, Museum Joure is adjacent to the cozy shopping street of Joure: the Midstraat. Those who cross the threshold of the oldest and probably best-known Douwe Egberts store in the country go back in time. Admire, smell and taste the colonial wares of yesteryear - which still pass over the authentic counter daily. From tea and freshly roasted coffee to old-fashioned sweets and even snuff.

Fun for both men and women

Amusingly, men and women often each have their own favorite museum items. Whereas women often feast their eyes on overseas dinnerware, beautifully decorated Frisian clocks, metalware and printed matter, many men marvel at the technology behind the manufacture of all this beauty: timepieces, tea making and brewing machines, yellow casting and coffee roasting.

Also ideal for groups of seniors

Museum Joure is very popular with groups. Not only is there something for everyone to see and experience with the 4 themed routes, the facilities also make a group visit attractive. For example, there is an attractive group room, the possibility of lunches and high teas, free parking for coaches and groups get a discount on admission. More about a group visit >

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After all those memories and experiences, a nice cup of coffee/tea with cake beckons. In the atmospheric museum café and - weather permitting - on the pleasant terrace, you can enjoy the one and a half hours of museum fun in peace. Want to reminisce at home? Then take a packet of coffee - roasted in the museum -, loose tea and various delicacies from the museum store.

Surprisingly beautiful and very interesting

"Beautifully cared for museum. A collection of memories of how we used to drink coffee and tea. In addition clocks, printing and living rooms of the past. And with a nice cup of D.E coffee included we concluded this visit."

Kees M from Barneveld, via Tripadvisor

Visitors about Museum Joure


  • Museum Joure is number 1 of 11 attractions in Joure
  • On average, Museum Joure gets 4 out of 5 stars
  • Museum Joure among top 6 museums in Friesland
  • In 2018, the museum received the Certificate of Excellence

Google reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars across 499 reviews

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