Help pake and beppe through the vacations 2023

Spring Break

Help pake and beppe through the vacations 2023

Four days of entertainment during spring break

Help Pake En Beppe Through The Holidays in Museum Joure! From Tuesday, February 28 to Friday, March 3, children have free admission 'on presentation of' their pake (grandfather), beppe (grandmother) or another adult. There is lots of fun stuff to do. You can choose: make beautiful things from tin in the Recycle-Make Factory or get to work with crate 'Oan it wurk'.

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Your ticket includes limo, tea or coffee.

help pake and beppe through the vacations 2023 - museum joure

Making beautiful things out of tin!

Children ages 8 and up can get started recycling cans and other metal. The "recycling process" begins with a short route through the museum to see different metal objects and cans. Then they go to the Making Room. There, under the guidance of museum teachers, they make a work of art or a fantasy figure. From tin and other metals. Plenty of inspiration in the Making Room!

Tickets can be purchased via the red button on this page (or at the box office, but full=full). Material costs (€2 per child) must be paid at the museum before the start.

oan it wurk toolbox

Oan it wurk box for all ages

An Oan it wurk box will be available for children who do not participate in the can-recycling-making workshop. Suitable for all ages. The fun hands-on activities in this toolbox guide you through the museum while making. For example, put together your own tea flavor, make it into a real tea bag and get hot water to taste your tea in the museum café. You'll also get to grind coffee and punch your name into metal.

Tickets can be purchased via the red button on this page. There is no materials fee for this section.

Good to know:
Children can visit the museum and participate in activities only when accompanied by a paying visitor.

friesland on can-2

Fun for companions:

Exhibition Blik op Friesland | Friesland op blik
Over the years, Geert Hof has collected hundreds of cans and other grocery packaging from more than 75 Frisian companies. They are beautifully designed works of art. Until March 5, he is exhibiting a special selection in Museum Joure. The exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the world of advertising and is a fantastic inspiration for all children working with tin.

Help pake and spoil the holiday

The family outing on spring break

Did you know that we are also a super fun museum for kids outside of vacations?