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No museum of making without real makers! Each and every one dedicated volunteers. Meet our makers and their craft below.

Master coffee roaster Sipke

He was a melangeur (flavor maker) at Douwe Egberts for many years and traveled all over the world for that. Now Sipke is a coffee roaster at Museum Joure. Read about the life of a true coffee expert, his unforgettable meeting with Bruce Springsteen and: taste his coffees!

Enjoy Sipke's coffees at home? Buy them at museum cafe the Witte Os or order them online.

Douwe Egberts melangeur Sipke

Frisian clockmaker Freerk

A native of Jouster, as a small boy he looked at the art of master clockmakers around the corner. He became addicted to the Frisian clock. Now he makes them himself, also in the museum.

Clockmaker Freerk Pasveer Museum Joure

Printer and graphic artist Wim

In our Printing Office, you can print a bookmark yourself on a 170-year-old platen press. But it's much more fun if Wim helps you! This real graphic artist knows all about our authentic presses, lead lettering and typesetting.

Clockmaker Freerk Pasveer Museum Joure

Conviviality maker Leny

Leny makes delicious coffee, tea, apple pie, dúmkes, oranjekoek but above all coziness in the historic Túnkeamer, the place where 'D.E family' De Jong used to drink their (own) coffee and tea.

museumcafe joure tunkeamer

Storyteller Max

A guided tour of the museum? Or learn more about 'de vlecke' Joure? Nothing is more fun than going out with a real Jouster who also tells you the most interesting facts!

max tube counter

Gift maker Nelly

No matter how you walk around the museum, you always end up in the museum store De Witte Os. There you are welcomed by Nelly and her colleagues. They know all about the coffee, tea and delicacies for sale.

nelly white ox


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