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Over the years, Geert Hof has collected hundreds of cans and other grocery packaging from more than 75 Frisian companies. They are beautifully designed works of art. A beautiful part of his collection is on display at Museum Joure from December 10 to March 5. The exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the world of advertising.

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"It amazes me every time."

Coffee and tobacco from Douwe Egberts, paint from the Borneman's company or KING peppermint from Tonnema - all this and more used to be packed in cans. Geert Hof, 44 years old and living in Sneek, talks enthusiastically about his collection: "As a collector of Frisian (antique) cans, grocery packaging and other advertising items, it surprises me every time you find or are offered something. Cans or packaging that are over a hundred years old, that look like they are a day old...extraordinary!'

Hof does not limit himself to collecting cans. It can range from tin cans to tobacco pouches, grocery bags and old skate name it. However, I do draw a line at the 1960s and everything must be related to Friesland.'
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'The story behind'

The collector enjoys delving deeper into the subject matter. 'I find it most interesting to chart the story behind each acquisition. For example, how long the firm existed and what kind of trade it did. I also look for photographs, advertisements and archival materials, if they are still available.'

A book in the making

Hof is currently working on a book about his collection. "In the summer of 2019, I started putting all the info together and divided everything into chapters. Meanwhile, the book is almost finished. It gives an overview of 57 Frisian companies, contains more than 400 images and has 224 pages. During the expo, some (sample) copies will be available for perusal. Interested parties can order a copy.

Through March 5

Exhibition 'Blik op Friesland, Friesland op blik' can be viewed through March 5, 2023 with a regular entrance ticket. If you buy a ticket online, you will receive a discount.

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