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The birthplace of Douwe Egberts


  • Exclusive coffees from our own museum roastery
  • Various types of loose tea
  • Gift packaging of traditional delicacies

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Boek over de panden
Het boek ‘De panden van Museum Joure’ bestel je via deze link.

Our coffees are extra special

Our coffees are made in our traditional museum roastery by our coffee roaster Sipke de Schiffart. Sipke was melangeur (flavor maker) at Douwe Egberts for many years and traveled all over the world for the finest coffee flavors. All his knowledge and experience now come together in three particularly delicious coffees, available as beans and grinds.

coffee ground beans

Sipke about our exclusive coffees

Old Douwe

Grind and beans

"This coffee is named after Egbert Douwes, the founder of D.E. It is a blend of Arabica from Kenya, Columbia and Central America. The aroma is soft, full-bodied and slightly fruity. The taste is powerful yet smooth, with round aromatic aftertaste."

Spicy Widow

Grind and beans

"After the woman who was left behind when Douwe Egberts died. She managed to continue building the company, so she was a feisty aunt. A blend of coffee from Brazil, Central America and Columbia. Because of the softer bean structure very suitable for espresso, gives a nice crema. The aroma is powerful, spicy and round. The taste spicy, round and full, with a fraction of caramel."

Batavia 1753

Grind and beans

"1753 is the opening year of the 'store in colonial wares' in Joure, and Batavia (Djakarta) the then embarkation port for coffee. The coffee of this 'Single Origine Specialty' comes from the area of Bandung Indonesia. The aroma is full/round, slightly fruity. The taste is full, powerful and slightly fresh, with a mild pleasant aftertaste."

white ox store museum friesland

Various types of loose tea

We have some delicious teas, you order them by 100 grams:

  • Jasmine tea
  • Jouster Winter Tea
  • Earl grey tea
  • Lemon tea
gift box cover-2

Gift Packaging

From a 'pointed bag of Jouster chunks' to tasteful gift packages full of traditional (Frisian) delicacies. De Witte Os has numerous gifts with typical 'regional products', great for a birthday, anniversary or the holidays. View all gift packages on the order form.