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Making a donation/donation

Museum Joure has ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) and therefore does not have to pay inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances and gifts. The RSIN/tax number of the Museum Joure Foundation is 41.28.254.


Museum Joure can put your gift to good use, not only for making exciting temporary exhibitions possible, but also for digitizing and publishing the collection online, creating educational programs for young and old and organizing events such as summer concerts in the museum garden, a fair, a collectors' market or a historical spectacle such as the Rjochtdei.

You can make your donation in different ways:

  • You can transfer an amount to IBAN account number NL44RABO0334770319 in the name of Stichting Museum Joure.
  • You can register as a donor and donate an amount per year.
  • You can register as a business friend and donate an amount per year.
  • Or you can agree a donation with Museum Joure or register it via the notary (is no longer mandatory since 2014), there are several tax advantages under the new Giving Act.

Giving law makes donations attractive

Since 1 January 2012, the new Giving Act has come into force, making it even more attractive to make a donation to Museum Joure. The law will still be in force in 2014. With this law, the government wants to encourage private individuals and companies to make more donations to charities and cultural organisations. This is because donations to cultural institutions are fiscally more attractive, both for individuals and for companies, foundations or associations.

Income tax (for individuals)

Your donation to Museum Joure will be deductible from your income from 1 January 2012 with a multiplier of 125%. This means that a donation of € 1000,- for € 1250,- is deductible from your threshold income. In your income tax return (for 2012 up to and including 2016) you may therefore multiply the amount donated by 1.25.

  • Calculation example:
  • You donate € 1.000,-
  • Your deduction € 1. 250,-
  • Fiscal refund at 52 % rate € 650.
  • You actually pay € 350.

The maximum amount to which this additional deduction may be applied is € 5,000. For the part of your donations that exceeds € 5,000, the normal deduction of 100% applies again.

Your one-time donations are only deductible to a limited extent. Only that part of the total donations on an annual basis that exceeds 1% (up to a maximum of 10%) of your aggregate income is eligible for deduction. Periodic donations are not subject to these restrictions. The multiplier of 125 % only applies to donations to cultural ANBIs, such as Museum Joure. You can choose to donate the extra tax benefit to Museum Joure.

Periodic donations

A periodical donation offers you the opportunity to take full advantage of the new Giving Act. Periodic donations have no thresholds and ceilings and are fully deductible from income tax. Periodic donations are donations for which the giver has committed himself in a written agreement with Museum Joure or in a notarial deed for at least five years.

Information:tax authority website for more information on donations and the new Giving Act.
Elsevier fiscal also explains the new Giving Act in detail.



You can include a bequest in your will. Museum Joure will then receive a predetermined amount after your death. The size of the bequest is independent of the total size of the estate.


You can name Museum Joure as a co-heir in your will. The museum will then share the inheritance with the other heirs. The size of the inheritance depends on the total size of the estate and the number of heirs.

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The Association of Friends of Museum Joure offers all companies the opportunity to become business friends of dynamic Museum Joure.

Why is that?
Social involvement

Museum Joure is literally at the heart of society. Becoming a friend of our museum is an excellent opportunity to profile your company socially. The relationship with your company makes a link between the bustling Joure of yesteryear and today's industry.

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