The Guild Joure

The Guild Joure is a unique club people, because in Fryslân there are only two of those clubs. The members of a guild were originally retired craftsmen who wanted to pass on their craft to others. This was important because otherwise certain crafts would become extinct. Painter, carpenter, woodworker, electrician, gardener and other craftsmen gave instruction in their field. In addition, there were lessons in language, writing letters, English, etc. Interest in this form of education waned, also because other institutions offered courses.

What remained for the Guild were the cultural "kuierkes. About 7 guild masters are involved. Groups can request a stroll for € 4.50 p.p. (VVV de Friese Meren - Gaasterland tel. 0513-416030) and take a stroll through the Midstraat and surroundings with a guild master in Joure. The history of the Vlecke will then be discussed.

The Gilde Joure consists of volunteers who love the history of their own place and want to share that with others. If you want to know more about Gilde Joure, you can contact the secretary Henk Hoekstra (tel. 0513-415032 ).