Histoarysk Wurkferbân Skarsterlân (HWS)

We're part of Museum Joure.
HWS aims:
To develop and stimulate interest in and the study of history about the former municipality of Skarsterlân (with Joure as Flecke).

*On our website www.historiejoure.nl under 'General' you will find all information about our historical group.
*We are housed in Museum Joure, in the Johannes Hessel warehouse.
*email: hwssecretariaat@museumjoure.nl
*phone 0513-412283

We meet about five times a year on Tuesday afternoons with all members. Afterwards there is usually a lecture at 3.30 pm in the 'Kofjelokaal' of Musum Joure on a historical subject. More information in the press and in the agenda of Museum Joure.

On a number of days a week members of the working groups are present in Museum Joure.

Tjerk Algera
Image and Sound
Henk Hoekstra
Hanneke Staal
Dries Kootje
Jan Lammertsen
Ut Own Gea
Freark Ringnalda

Our magazine 'Ut Eigen Gea' gives interesting stories about Skarsterlân three times a year. Indexes of these magazines can be found on the HWS website by entering Ut Eigen Gea under Search.
With the Gildemeesters you can walk the 'Jouster kuierke' past historical sites. Even for the inhabitants of Joure, this is often a surprise trip and history suddenly becomes very tangible.