Children's party at the museum

That's fun!

A children's party at the museum

Want to go to the museum for a children's party? That's fun! You can do the regular activities for that or plan a children's party by appointment.

These are the possibilities:

'Oan it wurk' at your children's party

This walk-in activity is always available and can be done if you have at least 1 (adult) chaperone per 4 children available. Each group is given a box with assignments. With these you will do all kinds of fun things, such as make a tea bag, grind coffee, stamp your name in metal, and more. A glass of lemonade is included in the entrance fee.

Good to know: this program does not include supervision and you cannot bring your own food and drinks.

Book children's party 'Oan it wurk'

Book entrance tickets via the button below. If you come as an adult with 4 children, you book in the ticket system: 1 adult ticket for the accompanying person (*evt. museum card), 2 children's tickets full rate, 2 children's tickets 50% discount. Are you coming with 8 children and 2 adults? Then book this 2 times. And with 12 children and 3 companions 3x, and so on. You may also send an email to or call 0513 - 41 22 83, and we will arrange it for you.

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The Making Factory (during vacations)

In a school vacation your children's party at the museum? You can. Every school vacation we host The Make Factory: a program where children put themselves in the shoes of a designer. First they explore the museum and then create something beautiful themselves in the Make Room. Go to the Make Factory page for the upcoming activity and tickets.

Good to know:

  • A glass of lemonade is included in the admission fee.
  • This program requires at least 1 (adult) chaperone for every 4 children.
  • You cannot bring your own food and drink (you can do so at The Making Factory by appointment).
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The Making Factory (by appointment)

We can also arrange a Make Factory program for your children's party outside school vacations. To do so, send an email to with your details and we will get in touch about the date, activity and exact program.

Good to know:

  • For every 4 to 5 children, we expect 1 adult chaperone.
  • The minimum cost is €80 for up to 8 children and 2 adults. Some activities are subject to a material surcharge.
  • It is possible to eat cake, candy or other goodies you bring yourself in the Making Room.
swing garden

The children's party continues in the garden

Not only is the museum super fun for kids, when the weather is nice, the museum garden is also a place full of fun. Between the old trees and warehouses hang beautiful, large swings in summer. Children love to float away with their friends. A fun ending to the children's party.

Want to know more about a children's party at the museum?

We love to make it a super fun children's party. If you have any questions or would like us to take care of the booking, please email or call 0513 - 41 22 83.


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