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Museum Joure

Museum in Friesland?

Discover the 'making museum' of Friesland

More and more people are discovering the wonderful museums in Friesland. And those who dare to look beyond the Frisian capital will certainly also discover Museum Joure: the museum in Friesland that revolves around crafts and the passion for "making it. Will you join us?

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make museum friesland

At this museum in Friesland, you 'make it'

That "making" can be interpreted ambiguously: Coffee, tea and Frisian clocks have traditionally been made in picturesque Joure, but entrepreneurs also knew how to "make it. With Egbert Douwes, of course, and his son Douwe Egberts as the most famous example. The cradle of their coffee and tea is now part of Museum Joure.

Beautiful and exceedingly large museum

"Visited the Museum Joure during the vacations in Friesland; what a surprise that there is the Douwe Egberts coffee and tea expo there, really worthwhile. Also visited the crafts coppersmith/silversmith/copper foundry expo. And the clock collection, -maker shop and print shop. Great."

Henk B. from Tilburg, via Tripadvisor

Perhaps the most surprising museum in Friesland

Many people visiting Museum Joure for the first time react with surprise. From 'I didn't expect it to be so big' to 'Gee, such a beautiful monumental museum site, and that right in the center'. Yes, you can safely call this museum a hidden gem in Friesland.

white ox store museum friesland
Many visitors unsuspectingly step into the monumental museum shop on shopping street De Midstraat, only to leave the museum an hour and a half later and an experience richer - but not before having enjoyed a nice cup of coffee or tea with orange cake in the museum garden or the cozy museum café.

Did you know that museum store De Witte Os is the oldest Douwe Egberts store - and one of the KLM houses?

historische gebouwen museum in friesland

It all began here in Friesland

You've probably seen it on a pack of Douwe Egberts or Pickwick: "Joure 1753. It refers to this place in Friesland. The little store, the house, the garden rooms (now the café) and the factory where Douwe Egberts once started are now all part of Museum Joure. In the historical buildings of the museum you can learn everything about this pride of Joure and Friesland.

But as you might expect from the most surprising museum in Friesland, Museum Joure is more than just the birthplace of Douwe Egberts. The museum has four "making routes.

This map of the museum gives a good overview.

clockmaker museum friesland

Iconic museum for Friesland

The Frisian clock, another iconic product of Friesland's manufacturing industry. Joure was for a long time the epicenter of the Frisian clock industry. You can still find various clockmakers in the center, as well as in the museum. You will discover which crafts come together in a Frisian clock. A beautiful and literal bridge to the museum's Route Metal, where you experience the crafts of casting and smithing. At the conclusion, you are immersed in a pot of craft ink - figuratively, of course. The impressive machines of the Route Print Shop will give you an idea of the book printing techniques of the early twentieth century. Don't forget to print your own bookmark?


"Large museum consisting of several parts. One walking route, both inside and outside. Actually a small village. Interactive. You should set aside about 1.5 hours for it."

Chicken811 from Oegstgeest, via Tripadvisor

Klaas Gubbels at museum in Friesland

Impressive work Klaas Gubbels

Even outside, Friesland's most surprising museum lives up to its nickname: since 2020, you can find an imposing artwork by Klaas Gubbels in the park next to the museum. Why the 6-meter-high stacked aroma-red coffee and tea pots were given a home precisely at this museum in Friesland needs no explanation.

Visitors about Museum Joure and other museums in Friesland


  • Museum Joure is number 1 of 11 attractions in Joure
  • On average, this museum in Friesland gets 4 out of 5 stars
  • Museum Joure among top 6 museums in Friesland
  • In 2018, the museum received the Certificate of Excellence

Google reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars across 499 reviews

Did you know that Museum Joure is also a very nice museum for children?

What a fun museum! Very nicely set up, and a very clear walking route so you don't miss anything. Everything is beautifully set up and all looks neat and tidy, both inside and out. Nice that you can make some things yourself. The staff were also very friendly. Also our cup of coffee and tea was very nice afterwards. We enjoyed ourselves!

Linda, via Google reviews

If you book online, you get a discount and can cancel for free up to a day in advance.


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