'Cascade' by Klaas Gubbels

At Museum Joure

'Coffee artwork' Kaskade by Klaas Gubbels

Klaas Gubbels' 6-meter-high "aroma red" artwork Kaskade has been given a permanent place in the park next to Museum Joure in 2020. Kaskade can be admired free of charge.

Klaas Gubbels Kaskade Joure

Klaas Gubbels, leading artist

Klaas Gubbels is a leading Dutch artist who uses everyday objects as motifs for his artworks. At Kaskade, he depicts coffee and tea pots made of red Corten steel. That makes "the birthplace of Douwe Egberts" a logical home for the artwork, which was previously on display in Amsterdam. What is also special is that, thanks to crowdfunding, the artwork has been moved to Joure.

Gubbels pursues truth

In his paintings, sculptures, prints and objects, Gubbels strives for the essence, for the "truth" of the artwork. His quest for simplicity makes him one of our country's leading artists. In the video below, you can see Klaas Gubbels in action in "Dutch Masters of the 21st Century.

Thanks to crowdfunding in Joure

The 6-meter-high sculpture has been given a place in the park in front of Museum Joure. What is special is that the costs of the purchase and placement were borne entirely by contributions from companies, organizations and individuals and came about without a municipal subsidy. The crowdfunding and placement was organized by the Jouster Koffiepot foundation. More about the crowdfunding.

Klaas Gubbels in Joure - Kaskade

Festively unveiled by Gubbels himself

On Sept. 19, 2020, Kaskade was festively unveiled by its creator and the exhibition "Around Kaskade" began. John Brands, chairman of the MT Netherlands of Jacobs Douwe Egberts, performed the official act.