Route Metal

Experience the craftsmanship of casters and blacksmiths

The metalware factory, photogenic

In the old, photogenic Metalware Factory, see how copper used to be cast. For even more craftsmanship, take a look at our silversmith and coppersmith. Can you "strike" your own name?


Copper casting

The casting of yellow copper is a typical Jouster craft. In Metaalwarenfabriek Keverling the production process of yellow casting is shown step by step. The unique collection of casting molds can be admired and of course all kinds of copper end products, such as parts for the clock industry, construction and shipbuilding.

What coppersmithing has to do with D.E.

Cornelis Johannes de Jong, the man who made Douwe Egberts great, had a fine nose for the, as he called it, "ostentation of man. He would visit suppliers to see what was suitable to save on his value points.

In Sneek, his eye fell on the gleaming copperware of coppersmith Dijkstra. A craft that suited his coffee and tea-drinking customers. He also included gifts for the smokers in the "courant encore items. You had a driven pipe rack for as little as 1,000 points and a hexagonal worked tea light for 1,750.

The Dijkstra coppersmith's shop from Sneek has been relocated to Museum Joure. There is an exhibition of D.E gifts and the hammering of the coppersmith can still be heard there regularly. Don't forget to hammer your own name!


Gold and silversmithing

For precision work, you have to be at the authentic gold and silversmith shop. Regularly the silversmith works here. His workbench is by the window, and for good reason. The blacksmith can make good use of the extra light for his precision work. Do you also see the vault, the roller and large wooden drawing bench? The silver display case contains products from the Jouster silversmiths. Do you also have such a beautiful birth spoon?

Metal @museum_joure

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