House Rules

To make the visit to Museum Joure pleasant for everyone and to protect our collection, we ask you to pay attention to the following:

  • Of course, you can visit the museum only if you have a valid admission ticket.
  • Do not touch the exhibits (keep an extra eye out with children ). Exceptions are some objects that you may handle yourself. This is expressly stated with those objects.
  • Of course, you don't have to be quiet in the museum, but don't bother others with a lot of noise or running through the rooms.
  • Do not bring food and/or drink into the museum galleries.
  • Teachers and/or supervisors of groups are responsible and accountable for the behavior of the members of their group.
  • Voor scholen, families en andere gezelschappen met kinderen geldt dat er per 4 kinderen tenminste één volwassen begeleider moet zijn.
  • Taking photos and videos for your own use is allowed, as long as you don't use flash.
  • To shoot video and photos for commercial use, you must ask permission well in advance at Also, if you want to use lights, flash equipment and tripods, you must ask permission in advance.
  • Many different volunteers work in Museum Joure, they sometimes cannot answer your question right away, we ask for your patience.
  • Valuables and large bags can be stored in a free locker.
  • Dogs may be brought into the museum, provided they are leashed and well-behaved. The museum store The White Ox is off limits to dogs.
  • You are required to immediately follow the directions and instructions (and any temporary adjustments to house rules) of museum staff.
  • Adhere to the corona rules established by the government at the time of visit.
  • An evacuation due to an emergency? Follow the directions of museum staff, fire department or police!
  • In Museum Joure zijn veel machines, naast de kade en tuin is open water en het complex wordt doorsneden door een doorgaande straat. Let als bezoeker op je eigen veiligheid en die van je medebezoekers. Als bezoeker van Museum Joure is je verblijf in alle ruimtes, in de tuin en op de kades voor eigen rekening en risico.

Do you have suggestions or complaints? We'd love to hear them by email(

The detailed visit requirements can be found here.