A film about alleys on the Midstraat in Joure

Due to success, the film screening 'If alleys could tell' about alleys on the Midstraat in Joure will be repeated on Sunday afternoon, April 23 at 14.00. Everyone is welcome in the Mennonite Church of Joure, admission is € 7.50 including a coffee or tea.

Real Jouster or just interested in history? You must have seen this film!
The Vlecke Joure has traditionally had many alleys that were crowded. The entrances are still clearly visible from the Midstraat. Some alleys have unfortunately disappeared or are no longer accessible, but quite a few are still in full use.
There are some great stories to be told about their history and about some of the residents.
With a mix of old and new photos and films a feast of recognition.

Museum Joure/Histoarysk Wurkferbân Skarsterlân
The Histoarysk Wurkferbân Skarsterlân has several working groups of enthusiastic volunteers, researching the history of Skarsterlân. The allegenwerkgroep has spent over a year bringing together old and new film and photo material and the accompanying information. This is shown in this 'stegenfilm'.
The HWS is part of Museum Joure and is housed in the museum.