tryater-in-leaf photographer Marije KuiperAfter the legendary filming with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep and the recent musical version on Broadway, Tryater now plays the stage version of R.J. Waller's novel The Bridges of Madison County. Never before has the story been told on stage and with it Tryater has its world premiere. The Bridges of Madison County is a universal love story, played by Nynke Heeg, Eelco Venema and Joke Tjalsma. Back in the home of their childhood in the countryside, brother and sister discover an unusual love story. At the old kitchen table, deep into the night, Michael and Caroline become more and more absorbed in their mother's life. Her big secret, a romantic love affair in her marriage, comes to light. Nature photographer Robert Kincaid, 'the last cowboy', travels to the countryside to photograph the covered bridges that make the province of Madison so famous. He's meeting Francesca Johnson. Husband and kids are away for a midweek and she's home alone. From that moment on, a love blossoms that is stronger than both of them ever thought possible. Michael and Caroline are confronted with the painful question of whether we really know the people closest to us. Both children unravel an all-transcending love and give this great love a place in today's rational world, in which people no longer believe in magic so easily. Tryater takes the audience into a story about desire, dreams and romance. And about reality and sacrifice. to R.J. Waller's book The Bridges of Madison County.

Location: 31 October 2014 in 't Haske, Vegelinsweg 20 in Joure
Starts at 20.00 hours
Entrance fee: € 14,00 / € 12,50 / € 10,00. Tickets are available in presale at the VVV de Friese Meren - Gaasterland in Joure (0513 416030) and at the venue on the day of the performance.