From March 31 to Sunday, May 11, 2014, paintings and drawings by the well-known Jouster Marten Buis will hang in the Auditorium of Museum Joure on the occasion of his 100ste birthday.

Marten Buis was born on March 30, 1914 in Germany, where his parents, from Joure
parents were working. Soon they returned to Joure. Marten trained as a drawing teacher in Amsterdam. After that he went to work as a window dresser. In his spare time he did a lot of advertising drawing and drawing for the newspaper. Because drawing cost too much and yielded too little, after the birth of his children Marten Buis focused mainly on window-dressing. Later the antiques business was added.
At the age of 64, he suffered a hernia, which made window shopping impossible. This gave him time for his old love; drawing and painting. For many people he then made commissioned drawings of their homes or old Joure. In 1991 a book of his came out: 'Binnenpaden en Buienbeentjes in de oude Vlecke Joure'. In it he sketched a picture of old Joure with drawings and stories. He died at the age of 80, but he lives on in his work.
In the Auditorium the many painted and drawn spots in Joure are central: the Torenstraat with drawbridge, the windmills, the Jouster Toer and many other recognizable places. Moreover, self-portraits are on display, one standing on the authentic easel that Buis took to the field.