On August 24, Aannemersbedrijf A. Faber BV will start the redesign of the Museumstraat in Joure and the adjacent gardens of Museum Joure. Planning is that the redesign will be ready at the end of October. Museum Joure and the VVV will remain accessible via the Museumstraat. For through traffic, the street is temporarily blocked.

Coherence and awareness
Iris Nutma, director of Museum Joure: "With the redesign we want to make Museum Joure more visible. Now people sometimes drive down Museumstraat without realizing that they are driving right through a museum site. And that that is quite special." Museum Joure consists of ten buildings, located on both sides of the street. "Soon you will also see much better that both sides of the street together form one museum complex."

'Earst op syn slimst'
Before the actual redevelopment begins, the site must be remediated. This is because the soil of the monumental industrial site is contaminated. "Given the activity that used to be here, this is not surprising. Fortunately, the monumental trees will remain; we are very careful with them," Nutma said. However, a number of shrubs and other trees will be removed to properly remediate the soil. "It will be a bare mess for a few weeks. Before we can decorate it nicely it has to be - to put it Frisian - earst op syn slimst."

During the redevelopment, Museum Joure will remain accessible as usual.