Always wanted to know the difference between a marsh harrier and a blue harrier? How they live, where you can spot them? National Landscape Southwest Fryslân organizes a bird of prey course in our hall It Kofjelokaal. The course consists of 2 evenings (November 25 and December 2) and an excursion on December 18. The course is given by raptor and owl researcher Lydia Barkema.The course evenings consist of a theoretical part and a workshop. On the basis of stuffed birds and theory you will learn to distinguish the different birds of prey. In the workshop you will identify the different birds of prey yourself. What does it look like, does it have yellow or brown eyes, what does its plumage look like, etc.?

After attending the course, you will be well able to recognize the birds of prey among themselves and could, for example, get to work helping with inventories. The course consists of 2 theory evenings on November 25 and December 2 and an excursion on December 18. The cost for participation is € 20, = p.p. Registration this time goes through