Jouster girl Marijke Plantinga after 170 years 'back' in her hometown!

Since 27 March 2018 the donation of Mrs. G.A. Gielen-Nannes from Hulst can be seen in Museum Joure. She donated two portraits of the painter J. Dinnewet to the museum. The portraits show the Zeeuw Willem Hak and his Jouster wife Marijke Pieters Plantinga. They were captured in 1848 by the painter Josephus Philippus Dinnewet from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (1827-1889). The portraits are accompanied by a Frisian tail clock made by Marijke's brother and uncle.

With these two beautiful portraits, Museum Joure can tell the story of a family of clockmakers in the heyday of the Frisian tail bells, around 1850 in Joure. Not only Marijke, but also Willem had a connection with Joure.

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Willem Hak, born in 1808 in Sluis in Zeeland, was a watchmaker in Groede. Willem came to Joure in 1840 to work as a watchmaker at watchmaker J. Vijlstra and also to master the repair of Frisian tail clocks. In this way he could offer a better service to his customers in Zeeland. After he went back to Groede he came back to Joure in 1841 to marry his Jouster beloved Marijke on the 5th of August 1841. She was born in 1822 in Joure, as the daughter of Pieter Hylkes Plantinga, skipper/skipper and Trijntje Abels Boekweit. Marijke's uncle Folkert and brother Abel were also clockmakers in Joure. Museum Joure will have a Frisian tail clock on loan, made by Abel Pieters Plantinga and painted by Folkert Hylkes Plantinga. This completes the story of this clockmaker's family.

Both portraits and the tail clock can be seen in the entrance hall of the museum. Thus the Jouster girl Marijke, after having been in Zeeland for 170 years, is back in the place where she originally came from. A wish of the benefactress, which Museum Joure is happy to meet! The special thing about the paintings is that on the back of the canvas the name and date of the people portrayed and the name of the painter is painted.

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