Fancy going out with the kids during the autumn vacations? In Museum Joure is from Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 October there will be a Make Factory again. This time you will get to work melting soap, pouring soap into a mold and working on it to make your own soap. The activity is suitable for children aged about 8 to 14. Costs for the Make Factory are the normal entrance fee of €3.50 per child plus a materials fee of €1.50. Signing up in advance is desirable because full=full!

What are you doing at the Make Factory?
This vacation, the focus at the Maakfabriek is the technique of melting and casting into shape. The activity is inspired by the copper foundry that is part of Museum Joure. The children do not cast copper, but get to work with soap.

The program consists of several parts. First you help melt the soap, then you can add to the melted soap fragrance, coloring and dried flower petals or herbs. Then you pour the soap into the mold. While the soap dries you make your own soap container to take the soap home. When the soap is ready, you'll have plenty of time to browse the museum. Pay special attention to the copper foundry!

There are multiple starting times in one day. Please note, space for the Make Factory is limited. Full=full, so book online on this page.

Don't want to or can't join the Make Factory? Then work on your own with assignments from our red bag. For this you only pay the entrance fee.

Ps. Will you also come to the Cool Kids Night?