14 May, lecture in Museum Joure
Frank Terpstra talks about the Frisian peat polders and takes you to the Grevensmolen!

On 14 May at 15.00 Frank Terpstra will give a lecture in Museum Joure. During the lecture Frank Terpstra will tell you all about the Frisian peat polders and the peat polder mills. Together with Job Koehoorn he will take you to the most important remnant near Joure, the Grevensmolen in Vegelinsoord. The lecture is organized by the Histoarysk Wurkferbân Skarsterlân, part of Museum Joure.

Practical information

The lecture consists of three parts. First Frank Terpstra talks about the peat polders, but discusses the tantalizing question: what is a monument? Finally, the work of the volunteer miller will be discussed. This craft has been included in the Unesco list of intangible heritage since 2017. After the lecture you can visit the Grevensmolen in Vegelinsoord. Job Koehoorn and Frank Terpstra will show you around the mill.

The lecture starts at 15.00 and lasts until about 15:45. Afterwards you can drive to the mill in your own car (or together with other visitors). The mill is easily accessible by car. The visit in Vegelinsoord lasts until about 17:00. The entrance fee for the lecture is € 7.50, including a cup of coffee/tea and entrance to the museum.

The history of the Frisian peat polders and peat polder mills

Photo: Frank Terpstra

In the past, centuries of peat extraction slowly but surely turned a large part of Friesland into vast expanses of water and land that was unusable for agriculture. In the 19th century the Frisian peat polders were established to solve these problems. By Frisian standards, these were large polders with a fairly professional form of organisation. Most peat polders had several mills and/or pumping stations built, transforming wet areas into usable agricultural land. A specific type of mill was created, which we now refer to as a Frisian peat polder mill. The most important feature is the miller's house in the mill.

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