New in the assortment of museum store De Witte Os: a Jouster Kofje mugwith dúmkes for making Jouster kofje. To be found next to the freshly roasted coffees, Ouwe Douwe, the spicy Weduwe and Batavia 1753.
As balanced and round as Aroma Rood is also the special soft blue mug in which to serve the blend of beerenburg (sweetened with syrup and honey) and coffee. Whipped cream, cinnamon powder and crumbled Fryske Dúmkes from Bakkerij Molkwar in Joure form the particularly tasty topping,a creation of Esther van der Zee, Esther.Frl on Facebook.

The Sneek star is working at the tourism agency Friesland Holland in Wolvega for the new Shopping & Dining project in which Joure and other top shopping cities play a major role. Her employer Albert Hendriks came up with the name, registered as a trade name along with "Coffee from Joure" with a view to linking a "very Frisian village" to Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018.

Luring local products
Hendriks: "With the development of new museum- or place-related local products or existing local products, I want to attract the international public to special Frisian museums. Small or large, it doesn't matter, as long as they are worth a car, bike or bus trip because of the special features and the connection with Friesland. Museum Joure is a sight that in my eyes every Frisian or Leeuwarden CH 2018 tourist should see, including the village center of Joure with all its quaint stores, crafts and events. The special two tone Jouster Kofje mug with multilingual recipe, a mini-pocket about Frisian regional products and Fryske dúmkes is therefore only available at the century old Douwe Egberts museum shop 'De Witte Os' on the main shopping street Midstraat as well as at the VVV of Joure, also in the Midstraat. I am still looking for an establishment that wants to put Jouster Kofje on the speciality coffee menu, but it must have Douwe Egberts as a bean supplier and be willing to advertise Museum Joure."

More museums
The Friesian Tourist Office in Wolvega engages in system marketing. Promoter Hendriks: "The unique museum-related regional product and the place where you can buy or consume it pop up in dozens of appropriate locations: in magazines, on tourist cards, at fairs, on the very busy website, on,, and to name a few examples. The promotion goes very far and deep on the worldwide web. That it works knows, among others, our travel organization that has a lot of success with themed packages, for example linked to luxury Batavus e-bikes ( There are more Frisian museums, which I bundle under the name Frisian Museums, that I think deserve more attention. I am thinking of the museum route Markant Friesland Route in North-East Friesland. Or the Het Modelspoormuseum in Sneek."