Visitors to Museum Joure can order their free cup of coffee or tea this summer in a special place: at the new mobile coffee stand in the museum's garden. The dark red coffee stand was designed and made by Feike de Jong, spatial designer from Balk.

Iris Nutma, director of Museum Joure explains, "Coffee and tea play an important role in our museum. That is why a free cup of coffee or tea is included in the entrance fee. But our museum café is too small to receive all museum visitors on busy days, especially now that we have to take into account corona measures. So in 2020, we created a makeshift coffee stand for "coffee to go" in the garden. That was a great success. Visitors got their cup and looked for a nice spot in the garden to drink it."

In the spring, the museum commissioned Balk-based spatial designer Feike de Jong to create a mobile coffee stand from which to serve coffee and tea "to go. De Jong drew his inspiration for the design from the Friesian clocks in the collection of Museum Joure. Especially from above, you can see the resemblance to a clock. De Jong often builds large, functional or non-functional installations, usually made of wood. That also applies to the coffee table

"A contribution from the Kickstart Fund made it possible to have this beautiful coffee shop built," Nutma says. "We are super happy with the result." Volunteer Jenny Kuindersma concurs with her: "The little coffee shop, I call it the 'coffee clock,' is very ingeniously put together, with a nice counter and workbench, refrigerator and a nice bench to sit on when it's quiet. It's great to work here and even nicer to get a cup of coffee here."