Museum Joure is fun and educational

Museum Joure is popular among schools. And it's not for nothing. In our museum 'making' is central. Pupils experience how products are made and what it means to be an entrepreneur. Douwe Egberts and the Jouster clockmakers are eloquent examples of this.

Educational offer

Museum Joure has three fixed programs: Make your own book, The Time Machine and The Tea Factory. Our offer is for primary schools, but in consultation we can also do a lot for special education and lower secondary education.

If you choose for the educational offer of Museum Joure, then you choose for:

  • Versatility
  • An experiential offer (do-it-yourself element)
  • Professional guidance
  • Connection past-present-future

There is also a lot to do for children outside school hours in the museum.

The Time Machine

Through 'The Time Machine' pupils experience all the crafts of Museum Joure. From the warehouses to the workshops full of technology and inventions from 1900 to the present day. This program is full of fine assignments that we can combine and customize for lower, middle and upper buildings.

Wow! Discovering
Watching all those special stories on a ticking clock. No clock is the same! Looking and discovering in the museum. 

Comparing tools from then and no
Comparing tools from then and now: What do you need what for? What do you notice? We follow the route on our do-it-yourself magazine, we do and think!

Machines and devices!
Man is making it easier and easier. How? How does it work? What can I do with this? What is it? What could be the missing link?

In short:

  • For group 1 to 8
  • Takes 1.5 hours
  • € 2,50 per pupil
  • Teacher arranges a minimum of 1 supervisor per 4/5 children
  • Core objectives: Orientation on yourself and the world: 44, 51, 52 and Artistic orientation: 56

The Tea Factory

The programme 'The Tea Factory' focuses on the history and production of coffee and tea. Of course Douwe Egberts Tea (now Pickwick) plays a leading role. The programme has various themes and can be tailored to lower, middle and upper levels. 

Discovering tea with Tmuis
Will you go with TMuis? We're going to discover tea and coffee! Thinking, doing, tracking, feeling, smelling and tasting in a nice and cosy museum. The group will experience the past and the present with the do-it-yourself magazine. The old museum shop 'De Witte Os' and the birthplace of Douwe Egberts are an experience in themselves. An introduction with puppetry (with TMuis) and a nice ending is also part of this part.

Cheek your tea!
How did the coffee and tea get from D.E. to Joure? Travel through time through the old coffee and tea shop 'De Witte Os', the ships of the VOC and of course you will make and taste coffee and tea yourself. Curious? Watch the video of Omrop Fryslan!

In short:

  • For primary schools (group 1 to 8), special primary education and special secondary education
  • Takes 1.5 hours
  • € 2.50 per pupil
  • Teacher organizes 1 supervisor per 4/5 children
  • Substitutes and meets the TULE ( core objectives.
  • Core objectives: Orientation towards yourself and the world: 35, 44, 51, 52 and artistic orientation: 54, 55 and 56 and Fryske language: 18, 19.
  • Window 39 'Industrialisation' of 'The Fryske Cannon'. Joure played an important role in this development
  • Click here for the lesson letter of The Tea Factory

Make your own book

The educational programme 'Make your own book' was developed on the basis of the exhibition Printkeunst. You and your group are going to make your own Book of Friends on a real stencil machine!

The offer consists of 2 parts, there is a change halfway:

  • Group 1 gets to work with the copy you brought yourself (see lesson letter). A separate title page will be made and stencilled.
  • Group 2 goes 'on tour' through the Frisian Graphic Museum ('De Drukkerij') in the old beetle factory on the museum grounds. With a bit of luck there will also be a printer present who can tell all the ins and outs of printing. With a nice experience and your own book you go home again.
  • In short:
    • For primary schools (group 5 to 8) and special secondary schools
    • Takes 1.5 hours 
    • € 2.50 per pupil
    • Teacher organizes 1 supervisor per 4/5 children
    • Substitutes and meets the TULE ( core objectives.
    • Core objectives: Orientation towards yourself and the world: 35, 44, 51, 52 and artistic orientation: 54, 55 and 56 and Fryske language: 18, 19.

Tailor-made for all levels


Special primary education & Special secondary education (VSO)

The offer of all programmes can be used at an adjusted level in consultation. Together with our museum's educator, we make our offer so that your students will also experience Museum Joure as an enjoyable experience! For guidance, extra care and accessibility, we like to think in terms of possibilities. For a specially adapted program there is of course also an adapted tariff.

Plus classes and gifted education

With your research question, the deepening of the information Museum Joure offers you, or vice versa. The preparation of a presentation, the search for a storyline, the discovery of interrelationships...the crafts, the craftsmanship, the innovation: In Museum Joure you'll find it all! Come along under the guidance of your teacher or otherwise: meeting is a nice idea.

More information & Books

  • Please register at least 14 days in advance.
  • If you would like to run your own project in the museum, we would be happy to help. Maybe we still have some material for you.
  • If you have any suggestions for a new educational project, feel free to let us know.
  • The programmes can be booked directly at the museum. Schools that are members of Groen Doen can participate free of charge.
  • For more information, please contact the museum.