Experience the passion of the craftsman!

Ever been to Museum Joure? The Do-It-Yourself Days in summer are the perfect occasion. Every Tuesday and Thursday!

What can you expect? Demonstrations by our craftsmen of course, such as the coffee roaster, the printers and typesetters, the baker and silversmith, the coppersmith and the tea maker. Each time several craftsmen will be present (but not always the same ones). And our tour guides are ready to show you the details of our beautiful Frisian clocks and tell 'smûke' stories about Douwe Egberts.

Of course you can also grind your own coffee, print a bookmark or make copper. In this way, you can really discover how all those special everyday things are made at Museum Joure.

Tired? Then half an hour rocking on the swing network in the big garden is lovely. Or have a cup of coffee on our terrace.... Celebrate the summer in Museum Joure!

For the Do-It-Yourself & Demo Days you don't pay a surcharge, but the normal entrance fee to the museum (€ 7.00 for adults, incl. a cup of coffee or tea). We look forward to seeing you.

Museum Joure, that's where you make it!

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