Museum of crafts

Museum Joure

The passion for making

Museum Joure is a real manufacturing museum. There are workshops of printers, coffee roasters, clockmakers, coppersmiths, tea makers and blacksmiths. What connects them is the passion for making. Come along and admire that passion, the craftsmanship and the beautiful products it produces.

printing museum joure

Setting and printing

The Print Shop displays the old book printing technology of the early twentieth century with the platen press, the line setter and other fascinating machines. Every Thursday people work in the print shop. Visitors may print their own bookmark.

Clockmaker Freerk Pasveer Museum Joure


Joure has traditionally been the center of the clock industry. Around 1850 there was a production of 4,000 tail clocks per year. Museum Joure exhibits the largest collection of Frisian clocks. In the Crafts building is the clock workshop with store. In It Sael the top collection of Frisian clocks is on display. On the Midstraat, three clockmakers are still active and enjoy showing their craftsmanship.

Buyers butcher

Dijkstra's coppersmith's shop in Sneek has been reinstated in the Kadehuis. The hammering of the coppersmith can still be heard regularly in the workshop. There is an exhibition of gifts that were saved with D.E. points, such as copper brush hangers, spoon boxes, flower pots, tobacco boxes and other utensils.


Copper founder

The casting of brass is a typical Jouster craft. In the Metaalwarenfabriek Keverling the production process of yellow casting is shown step by step. You can admire the unique collection of casting moulds and of course all kinds of copper end products, such as parts for the clock industry, construction and shipbuilding.



A gold- and silversmith's shop with machines from the Leeuwarder Firma Attema is set up in the Ambachtengebouw. The silversmith regularly works here. In the silver showcase are products of the Jouster silversmiths.

Douwe Egberts melangeur Sipke

Coffee Burner

Every week the coffee roaster roasts beans for museum shop De Witte Os. This happens in the Kadehuis. The smell of coffee then spreads across the quay. In the summer months and during events, the coffee roaster demonstrates its craftsmanship to the public.


In the Entrance Building there is an ingenious tea machine from 1956. The loose tea from a silo is packed by the machine in small tea bags. The whole process can be followed when our tea packer demonstrates this.