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Help pake and beppe through the vacations 2022

February 15, 2022 08:00 - 17:00

Yes! In the spring vacations there is again Help Pake & Beppe De Vakantie Door in Museum Joure. Children have free admission this week "on presentation of" their pake (grandpa), beppe (grandma) or another adult. You can choose: Either get to work independently with assignments from toolbox 'Oan it wurk' or participate in The Make Factory, guided by our museum teachers. 'Oant it wurk' is free, The Make Factory costs 5 euros per child (material costs) and has a separate registration form. Both include limo and coffee/tea.

Oan it wurk. Using the toolbox 'Oant it wurk' you will do all kinds of fun things, such as making a tea bag and grinding coffee. Also included is a voucher for a tasty treat at Museum store 'de Witte Os' and for hot water to make a cup of tea from your tea bag at the museum café. Order your tickets via the button below, children are free.

The Making Factory. At The Make Factory you will get to work under the guidance of our museum teachers. This time you will make a clock like a real clockmaker! A typical Jouster craft. Of course you will first do some research: What do (Frisian) clocks actually look like? How do they work? Then you will make your own clock. There are 6 starting times a day and 6 children can participate per starting time. An activity takes about an hour and costs 5 euros per child (materials). You can sign up for The Make Factory using a separate form.

Joure used to be the place where Frisian clocks were made. Museum Joure therefore has the largest collection of Frisian clocks in the world. From simple to beautifully crafted clocks, with mechanisms, beautiful paintings and beautiful carvings. Fantastic old-Frisian design! During this Make Factory, you will take a look at these extraordinary clocks together with your pake and beppe and the museum docent. Only then will you notice certain details. Then you get to work in the Make Factory. There you will invent and make your own clock. You will use your own imagination, materials and techniques. You can sculpt, paint, make a collage or come up with another idea. Finally you put the clock mechanism and the hands on the clock and go home with a working clock, completely made to your idea and taste!


Feb. 15, 2022
08:00 - 17:00