Despite the lockdown, you don't have to be bored this May vacation. Because this vacation is the week of Help pake & beppe through the vacations. The theme is "What a time! Museum Joure has a special activity every day during this week, with a short film by our educators about a special object in our museum, followed by a super fun doing assignment. Simply copying the example is not the intention. Our educators would love to see what creative solutions you come up with! Lockdown? Museum Joure makes something out of it!

Watch a new making video every day here

From Monday, May 3 until Saturday, May 8, a video by our educators Tea and Fenna will appear every day around 10 o'clock on our socials and below. Each time they will show a special object from our collection, with of course the story behind it. After that you can get to work on the assignment of the day.

Monday, May 3: Theme Frisian clocks

Introduction: What are Frisian tail clocks and how do they actually move?

Assignment of the day: make your own clock:

Tuesday, May 4: Theme Coffee and tea in wartime, what did people drink then?

Introduction: wartime coffee and tea:

Assignment of the Day: Make your own (commemorative) butterflies or flowers from coffee filters (due to Remembrance Day):

Wednesday, May 5: Theme From coffee berry to a cup of coffee.

Introduction: making coffee:

Assignment of the day: painting with coffee:

Thursday, May 6: Tableware Theme Past and Present

Introduction: Tableware Past and Present:

Assignment of the day: Make your own tableware out of salt dough:

Friday, May 7: Roman clock figures theme.

Assignment of the day: Draw your own beautiful Roman numerals:


Saturday, May 8: Theme The Sweetest Tea (for your mom).

Assignment of the Day: Make a teabag with a message for your mother (due to Mother's Day on Sunday, May 9):


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