Museum Opsterlân, Museum Dokkum, Museum It Fiskershúske, Warkums Erfskip and Museum Joure have jointly hired a collection officer. The employee will work for over a year to better register and preserve the collections of the five museums. In this way the museums hope to improve their collection registration considerably.

'This summer the Mondrian Fund had the opportunity to apply for a special grant for a collection assistant,' says Hans Groeneweg, director/conservator of Museum Dokkum and Museum It Fiskershúske. 'A wonderful opportunity! But our museums independently did not have the possibilities to hire someone. We are too small for that.' The Museumfederatie Fryslân offered a solution and investigated the possibilities of several museums jointly applying for a subsidy from the Mondriaan Fund. This turned out to be possible. Meanwhile, the new employee has started working, first at Warkums Erfskip. All five museums will employ the new employee for a number of months. Museum Joure is the official employer.

Hans Groeneweg: "Such a cooperation offers us as smaller museums opportunities to develop further. We are very happy with that. And of course also with Marieke, who turns out to be a pleasant and knowledgeable new colleague.'