Museum Joure develops a fun and challenging 'holiday programme' for young people: The Make Factory. During each holiday, De Maakfabriek 'opens' a number of afternoons and there are activities for children aged about 6 to 14. The children are introduced to technique and craftsmanship in an exploratory and inquisitive way, because that's what our museum is full of!  

For this activity we are looking for guest teachers:

  • have completed a relevant HBO/MBO education, e.g. the pabo, creative therapist, activity counsellor, teacher training in visual arts;
  • have demonstrable experience working with groups of children;
  • have an affinity with the field of work of our museum;
  • are somewhat technical and enjoy mastering (the basics) of different techniques/materials such as metalworking, printing, boiling/baking, etc;
  • have some experience in guiding children in making their own work. It is important to be able to guide children in their own creative process and not stick to a preconceived plan;
  • who is willing to acquire part of the knowledge in his own time and who is willing to help think about various new activities;
  • be able to collaborate and organise well, also with volunteers and museum staff.
  • are also willing to supervise other activities, such as receiving school groups, etc.
  • are (regularly) available during the summer holidays and are willing to coordinate their own holidays with colleagues;
  • who is ultimately responsible for the educational activities on a given day.
  • who is creative, cheerful, positive and flexible.

What we're offering:

  • a 0-hour contract, first for one year, depending on your education and experience, grading in scale 5 or 6 of the CAO well-being with commitment at least in the school holidays;
  • A nice place to work with plenty of opportunity to give your own interpretation to your work.


We look forward to your response!
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