The ship, the "Geldermalsen," is leaving the fairytale scenes in the South China Sea behind
itself. The sun-tanned crew members are elated; they are finally going home. With
a fine breeze in their sails, they sail home. But as night falls, the weather and atmosphere
change. Dark clouds gather, it begins to storm. Towering waves stream
across the deck. The crew members get the ghostly chills. The ship squeaks and creaks....

Want to know how this ends and the link between this ship and Museum Joure? Then come on
Saturday night 17 September to the theatrical Ghost Walk in Museum Joure, part of
Museum Night FRL. The old museum buildings that seem so friendly during the day
their secrets.

Horror stories at the museum
This evening, illustrious residents and artisans once again wander around "their" historic
buildings. Enthusiastically, they will tell you the wonderful stories about their lives and work back then.
With a flashlight in your hand, you will meet the copper caster, who tells about his last night. The
clockmaker, who goes crazy over the clocks. Meet Grietje Greolts, who has just
given birth to triplets. And find the operator's finger, which he lost in the
tea bag machine.

Gruesome mocktails
Next, relax in the museum garden, where you can enjoy mocktails. Ever tried
tasted a clocktail? Or a Bloody coffee? Gruesomely delicious!

From eight to midnight
The museum night at Museum Joure lasts from 8 p.m. to midnight and is fun for everyone
over the age of 14. You buy your ticket online or at the front desk until 11 p.m. Take your friends and
family along and experience this crazy evening at Museum Joure.
Tickets via (minimum age 14 years, entrance € 2.50).